I Am Not A Racehorse…

I am not a thoroughbred.  I am not a racehorse (ahem).  I am not a runner.  Today, as I look at the form for the Grand National, where animals with more legs, gusto and physical presence than me, do what they were born to do, I am reminded of the gap between running…and me!


People who run have some things going for them…they have an anatomy that is in alignment, they have good BMI, they like running.   I am more of a talker than a walker.  My mum said I could talk about a year before I could walk.  That is developmentally inverted.  Were I a baby gazelle, I would have languished in a pile of amniotic fluid at my mother’s flank, gabbling on about the trauma of being born and how nice it was to be out in the open, wholly uninterested in those first precious steps.  Then I would have been eaten by a lion.

So running a marathon is almost a direct opponent of ‘how I role’.  Still, run it I will.  Maybe that walky run of a part-timer, happy to rub shoulders with people older, shorter, larger and slower than him in the 5++ hour gang.  In amongst the people running with fridges on their backs, or the ones dressed as endangered species.  Yeah…that’s my crew.  That’s were I belong on the great marathon migration.

Better to have a reasoned view of where you are at in life than be confounded by goals that are not only unachievable but also, by their very nature, responsible for assigning you to a status of ‘under achievement’ purely by being goals in the first place.  (Oh, I can hear the management self-help gods weeping at this heresy up high on ‘Mount Commitment’, but let me tell you ‘goals’ and ‘commitment’ are very different things.  Confuse the two at your peril!)

We had a great fund raising effort this week at work.  You can read about it here.  My colleagues dug deep and delivered! I am still a ways off my target of 3K for the run, so really hope that you will read and share this blog site to get people thinking about visual impairment in young people.

And perhaps today, rather than have a little flutter on the horses, you can pop that money onto my fund raising page,  where it will stay safe and ungambled until the good people at the RLSB spend it on helping visually impaired children live life without limits.


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